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Thanks for stopping by. If you don't already know me, here's a quick intro: I am a full stack web developer and digital technology consultant. I love creating digital solutions for clients, learning new technologies, and animals of all kinds. Oh and tea, I do love tea!

When I'm not working, I'll likely be at the beach, hiking, reading, or enjoying the company of my pets.

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At work programming and crafting digital solutions

I produce websites that deliver results - they load quickly, encourage macro and micro conversions, and rank well on Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo.


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At work programming and crafting digital solutions

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My current professional areas of interest are: (1) chatbots and (2) cross-platform mobile app development with Flutter.

some of my poems...

Missing You

Amidst the throes of what I miss,'Tis not the grandeur, but the blissOf simple things, in quiet grace,That brings your absence to embrace.-It's in the moments unadorned,A shared laugh, a sunlit morn,Where memories, like gentle streams,Reveal the essence of our dreams.-The mundane sights that once…

Everyone needs a workbench

Everyone needs a workbenchNot to work, but to live To fold paper into airplanes and boatsTo build ant farms and collect fireflies in bottles To write of teenage angstTo fill in college applications To repair bits and pieces of a first homeTo make cookiesTo help…

Beyond the Surface, A Poet’s Journey

At first glance, a realm forgotten, lost in time,Where stillness reigns, and shells with stories lie,But look again, with poet’s eye refined,And secrets hidden in the shadows fly. Amidst the silence, life starts to stir,As snails in silent ballet grace the floor,Their slow procession, a…