Missing You

Amidst the throes of what I miss,

‘Tis not the grandeur, but the bliss

Of simple things, in quiet grace,

That brings your absence to embrace.

It’s in the moments unadorned,

A shared laugh, a sunlit morn,

Where memories, like gentle streams,

Reveal the essence of our dreams.

The mundane sights that once we shared,

Now whispered echoes, tenderly bared,

A flower, a meal, the clouds above,

Stirring thoughts of boundless love.

Yet in this longing, there resides

A solemn truth that gently guides,

For in your rest, serene and deep,

No more the pain, no more to weep.

I do not crave your sorrowed past,

But oh, your presence unsurpassed,

For in its absence, stark and true,

I find myself missing you.

Kathy-Lynn Ward
Missing you poem