WooCommerce: show description below category on shop page

Want to display the category description on the Shop page of your WooCommerce site?

You’ll need to override the woocommerce_template_loop_category_title function, as follows.

Add the following to functions.php in your theme (or child theme, if you’re using one)

 * Overide of WooCommerce's woocommerce_template_loop_category_title to include category description
function woocommerce_template_loop_category_title( $category ) {
	<h2 class="woocommerce-loop-category__title">
		echo esc_html( $category->name );

		if ( $category->count > 0 ) {
			// phpcs:ignore WordPress.Security.EscapeOutput.OutputNotEscaped
			echo apply_filters( 'woocommerce_subcategory_count_html', ' <mark class="count">(' . esc_html( $category->count ) . ')</mark>', $category );
		echo '<div class="category_description">'.$category->category_description.'</div>';

Add a style called .category_description to your theme’s style.css (or scss and recompile) to style the category description you’ve just added.